• What is peeling
  • Types of peeling
  • What are chemical peels
  • Types of chemical peels
  • Mechanism of chemical peeling
  • Selection of chemical peels
  • Preparation for the peeling treatment
  • Pre and post care of peeling
  • Priming of peeling treatment
  • Counselling for chemical peeling treatment
  • Precautions of chemical peeling
  • Golden rules of chemical peeling
  • Aluminium crystal oxide peel
  • Glycolic acid peel
  • Tartaric acid peel
  • Salicylic acid peel
  • Glycophorus peel
  • Isopropyle peel
  • Trichloroacetic acid peel
  • Mandelic acid peel
  • Malic acid peel
  • Booster peel
  • Yellow peel
  • Ethanol
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Ameloan peel
  • Feed back
DURATION .   5 DAYS FEES Rs. 25000/-

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