Aromatherapy Begginers Class

Embark on a journey into the world of aromatherapy with our comprehensive course designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of this ancient healing practice. Aromatherapy Essentials offers a deep dive into the therapeutic properties of essential oils and their practical applications for enhancing physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Throughout this course, you will: Explore the Origins and History: Delve into the rich history of aromatherapy, tracing its roots from ancient civilizations to modern-day practices. Understand the cultural significance and evolution of aromatic plant extracts in healing traditions worldwide. Understanding Essential Oils: Gain a thorough understanding of essential oils and therapeutic properties. Learn how different oils interact with the body and mind to promote balance and vitality. Safety Guidelines and Precautions: Learn essential safety guidelines and precautions for using essential oils, including dilution ratios, contraindications, and potential adverse reactions. Develop the knowledge and confidence to use aromatherapy safely and responsibly. Therapeutic Benefits: Explore the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy across different areas of wellness, including stress relief, relaxation, sleep enhancement, mood management, pain relief, immune support, and skincare.
3000 Course Fees
  • Lesson 1: Aromatherapy Basics
  • Lesson 2: Essential Oils
  • Lesson 3: Carrier Oils and Their Importance
  • Lesson 4: How Aroma Therapy works
  • Lesson 5: Blending Chemistry
  • Lesson 6: Safety Concerns
  • Lesson 7: Aromatherapy for the Home
  • Lesson 8: Aromatherapy for Skin
  • Lesson 9: Aromatherapy for Hair
  • Lesson 10: Aromatherapy for General Problems
  • Lesson 11: Aromatherapy for Children and Teens
  • Lesson 12: Aromatherapy in Pregnancy and Babies
  • Lesson 13: Aromatherapy for the Elderly
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